Resume are so subjective. Each individual has different thoughts and feelings about how to format resumes and what is pertinent information to include. I have heard that people look at a resume anywhere from 7 – 20 seconds. In some cases companies have software that go through the resume and looks for key words before it even hits the database for a hiring manager looks at the resume.

What constitutes a good resume? I have three things that I feel need to be in a resume.

1. Summary – If I didn’t have time to look at your resume and all the time I had was 7 seconds and I read your summary would I get a some pertinent information that would force me to read further. I like 5-7 bullet points that tell me who you are, then in the resume you build your case for putting those bullet points up front.

2. Be Specific – Tell me what you have achieved. Tell me what you worked on. I had a candidate come in to prepare for an interview and she kept  telling me what “we” did or achieved. Since the company was not hiring “we” I wanted to make sure she talked to her strengths and achievements.  She is the one they care about.

It is acceptable to improve your resume for each position. Find out as much about the position before you submit your resume. Talk to the recruiter you are working with, call the company and talk to someone in the department. Perhaps you can find them on Linkedin. It does not hurt to try.

3. Be truthful – Always put your actual experience on your resume.  I know this is silly but you would be surprised. Better to not get the interview then get the interview and for them to think poorly of your character. Even in Atlanta with it’s 4 million people I have seen people  excluded from interviewing at companies because they were not truthful at an interview and the manager moved on to another company and the manager remembered the resume.

Those are my initial thoughts on resumes. Let me know your thoughts or have any other points.


Mattie Matt


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