Don’t hibernate your job search

Contrary to common belief the start of the Holiday season does not end all hiring until the second week in January.

I had asked a friend how her husband’s career search was coming. She stated ” We have given up and were waiting until the new year to start the search. Nothing happens during the Holiday’s.”

What! What what!! I would have said triple what but I think there is a trademark on that.

I told her that hiring does not stop at the end of the year. In fact some of my busiest weeks are in December. I am currently seeing an uptick in openings.

Last year I had a candidate who found a position for the Holiday season. She had done such a great job for them in the holiday season that they decided to kept her on and she is still there one year later.

I can go on about people I know who have achieved career zen in the Holiday season when other people picked up their toys and went home.

I will make my remarks specific to IT as most of the IT positions I deal with are in the Technology realm.

1. Projects slated to get completed this year maybe behind schedule and need a person to help them finish it before the end of the year. (I received two of these jobs this week.) I did have a client a hire a contractor from me. They extended the contract and now are making her a fulltime offer.

2. An organization has had a Developer or DBA opening during the year and they have to fill the position or they will lose the slot in their organization in  if it is not filled by the end of the year.

3. IT talent is very competitive. Even now I am seeing Great candidate receive multiple offers. Companies are looking for a jump in the company next year and are working to secure top candidates before early next year.

4. The company has had some attrition and they need to back fill the position.

5. The company is looking to upgrade their talent as they feel they can get some additional experience or knowledge from the marketplace. (I have two of these types of positions right now).

Unless you are a polar bear and can hibernate through the winter, now is a great time to be out there marketing yourself. I can’t guarantee you will find a job but you will be miles in front of the candidates who take the month of December off.

Tell me your thoughts.

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