In for an inch in for a mile

If you are going to jump in to the deep end of the pool it doesn’t matter if it is 6 feet deep or 600 feet deep, either way it  is deeper than my head at age 11. As a child the deep end was always the scary end. It held the mystery and danger. I grew up in Virginia and Utah but moved to Arizona at 11. In Phoenix everyone has a pool and for good reason. I still remember on those 120+ degree days cooking an egg on the sidewalk.

Before I knew how to swim I use to jump in the deep end at my neighbor’s pool and grab the side for dear life as I plummeted towards the bottom of the pool. I thought I was crazy and dangerous. Now I realize how crazy jumping in the deep end was without the knowing how to swim. I was 11 and happy to live the “crazy” life. Shortly thereafter, I realized how important, and how much fun it was to swim. In fact the swim is my favorite part of the triathlon.

Recently I had the opportunity to do something that was outside of my comfort zone. The opportunity presented itself and I took it. I realized that I was jumping into the pool without knowing how to swim but at least this time I fully realize how crazy it is and that I need to learn how to “swim” quickly. You know what they say “go big or go home”. So in for an inch, in for a mile.

My crazy factor has diminished a lot  from those days in Arizona as I sit here and eat my Reduced Fat “Wheat Thins”. I wonder what my  11-year-old self would have said but at least I hope I can get a head nod from my new leap of faith.

So I am fully invested and look forward to the ride wherever it takes me.


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