Things you need to know – Part 2

Recently I had blogged about the need to revisit how opportunity seekers can help raise their professionalism through updating their email address and voicemail.

Now let’s talk about some additional friendly advice.

I know you are on  but do you know how to use it other than a resume dump. LinkedIn now boosts over 50 million subscribers and over 150,000 companies using their site.  In my opinion this is the premier site to look for top talent. I do not like to use job boards anymore.

The potential amount of people who can view your profile is enormous so it is time for an update for your profile. I see many profiles that list only the company name and title without any background about their work history or they have 1-2 sentences about their experience. It is not enough. I have a great Product Manager friend who is looking for work and he had two sentences that did not even begin to demonstrate his skills, needless to say we talked.

Now, LinkedIn is not a place to dump your resume and forget about it. LinkedIn is an opportunity to showcase your experience, albeit brief  experience and  any recommendations.  Good rule of  thumb would be 1/3 – 1/2  of your actual resume so usually I see 1-2 paragraphs.

 I  like to update something about my profile every week that will keep my profile in front of people as they login.  You can actually enter into the edit feature change a word and then change it back and save the changes and your profile will show a change in profile. People are curious, if you change it they will read.

Also look at who is looking at your profile in the “Who’s viewed my profile” on the right side of the page.  See if you can find out why.

The next friendly advice I will give you would be to set up some way to see the various job openings while maximizing your time.   There is nothing worse than wasting time going from job board to job board. I use to scan multiple job boards and company websites. On the front page go to the tools section, near the bottom of the page. In the tools section click on “Email Alerts”. The email alerts can be set up by many different factor like companies and position types. Every morning that there are new openings waiting in your inbox.

While we are talking about setting up alerts, Twitter is a place to find job . We recently had success finding candidates out on Twitter.  Here is the post I use Tweet Deck and have set a column(s) that allows me to see things from contract in Atlanta to PHP developers in Atlanta. Great way to make sure there are not passive jobs you have missed.

As a friend I hope this helps. Tell me any success stories you have found.

Good Luck.

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