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Hit the nail on the head


I was cleaning out the trunk of my car a few weeks ago and I noticed a box full of papers. Instead of quickly discarding the papers in the garbage i decided to rifle through them to see what papers had value. Most of the papers were about work and information about some of my various clients from 2007 up until 2010. These papers were out of date and quickly tossed into the trash. at the bottom of the pile of paperwork was an old personality test I had taken during my time with Rollins.

I quickly straighten the smashed and folded to pages to read the words the Psychologist had written about me more than 10 years ago. I laughed when my mind drifted back to my time in his office and the battery of test that i was submitted to. I remember my conversation with him as we had a few minutes of short talk before I started to control the conversation before he abruptly stopped me and took control of the conversation. I remember distinctly thinking at the time that i have never had anyone take the conversation away from me like that.

As I skipped the pages with their fancy charts and graphs the words leaped of off the page to me. High levels of Outgoing, competitive nature, dominate, less patience and conformity.  Well I am pleased or displeased, depending on how you look at it, to see that not much has changed in the last 10 years. I sell for a living and the attributes that help to make me successful at my work career are the same attributes that i rank as high in my personality. That make sense, whether by push or pull you tend to gravitate towards things that suit your ability and skill level.

The page that has made the most impact was the recommendation by the Psychologist that I am bored easily after I feel that I have learned a topic or skill. The company, whose report this was made to, would need to put constant new opportunity in front of me to keep me. Little more than 18 months later those words would ring true as I left the company for a new opportunity.

As I sit and reflect over the last several weeks since reading the report I wonder where I put myself on the chart nowadays in my life. I like the fact that most of the attributes or personality traits have remained the same but I would hope after the previous 10 years I would have progressed and improved.

In 2011 I started my company with Craig and now I look at the calendar I see we have just completed 18 months and I feel that my life is one constant 30 day cycle making sure that I hit the sales numbers each month so we can hit the projected numbers we need to be profitable. The months seem to drone on and it gets tough to discern them from each other. I find myself working so hard on the now is hard to make sure that I can focus on the future all the while telling myself that the future has many new and great opportunities, which it does, to keep myself sane and somewhat focused.

Arghhh… Focus is the key things that I think really separate those who do and do not. So I guess for the next 10 years I want to improve my personality with focus and some patience. I feel you can’t have one without the other. I think with patience you can achieve some focus they are not mutually exclusive but there is a definite correlation. Check back with me in 10 and we can have a chat and see if I have focused a little more in my life.

Now back to making sales calls it only Friday at 4:19 pm.


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