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I am a recruiting junkie. I fell into this industry by accident. I had sold part of a pest control and landscape company so I needed a new job because I was not independently wealthy and I have five mouths to feed at home. I started my job search by going to each recruiting company that had jobs that I felt I was a good fit for. I felt that if they could meet me they could sell me to their clients.

I knocked on a door of a home that was listed as a recruiting firm. Little did I know that independent recruiters often work out of their homes and this one did. She was shocked to see me there and after I told he I was not selling any subscriptions , phone service or cleaning supplies. We talked about the job she had posted but we quickly realized I was not a good fit. She did tell me about a recruiting company looking for an Account Executive.

I drove directly over to the company, ASK Staffing, and walked in and talked to the President of the company Jim Wilson. I was hired and cut my teeth at ASK Staffing. I still have very fond memories of working there.  I credit Jim for taking the time to really see that even though I had no experience with Staffing or Recruiting I could add value to his company.

After a short stent at ASK Staffing I went to Technisource ( now a division of Spherion IT).  Technisource was a good company but struggled with an identity and common recruiting goal. I worked with great, top notch people at Technisource and still have many great friends from there.

While at Technisource I had broken into the EarthLink account. I worked with a vendor management/ staffing firm called Matrix Resources. I like to visit my clients and had gone to visit Michelle B. at Matrix and we were talking and she asked me if I had ever talked to anyone at Matrix about a position and that they were hiring. I said I never had and that I almost never turn down an opportunity to talk. Within ten minutes Lisa V. a top Recruiting Manager at Matrix was interviewing me. We talked about my abilities and likes and dislikes and sales was the definite path for me. Rob M. the Director of Sales at Matrix happen to be returning from lunch and we were able to talk. The more I heard the more I interested i grew. I bet I closed Rob 40 times in the interview. ” When do want me to start?”  ” Let’s close this deal” All of this happened on Friday and by Monday I was back interviewing and received an offer. They were such gracious hosts to me and to my wife. She came in with me and my 3-year-old at the time  to talk about benefits and  commissions and Matrix made us  feel comfortable. I have been here ever since.( Until I left in 2009) Hahaha

In my first full year I was the “Rookie of the Year” .  I am a top notch Account Manager because I  love getting people jobs. I enjoy telling people you have a job. I enjoy cold calling people and finding out about their needs .  I really enjoy working with people and finding out what makes people tick.  I hate letting people go.

In 2011 I decided to jump out into my own company. I met Craig Provost and decided that now was as good a time as any to start my own company. I am now the Managing Partner for Smart Tek Atlanta.

I have a great wife and 4 wonderful kids that keep me very active. I am  always interested in how anyone gets into the recruiting or HR business. Drop me a line.


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