Diving into Social Media

Twitter via Tweetdeck, Facebook, Linkedin, and WordPress. My chosen tools in my endeavor into  the realm of Social Media. Coworkers, clients and friends ask me for progress reports on my dive into the deep end of the Social Media pool. All of the talk started me pondering on the benefits I have received from Social Media. So like all good blogs 🙂 I put together a list.

1. I have been able to connect with people in my industry worldwide to see different points of view. I have been sent articles that directly correspond to my current position. I have connected with people like Stephanie Lloyd, Craig Fischer, Ozzie Saunds who have great recruiting knowledge.

2. I like to consider myself an entrepreneur. I like to follow on Twitter the strong start-up community here in Atlanta. I started following John Melonakos and his company Accelereyes. That led me to follow many people involved with TAG and the ATDC. I followed, just to name a few, @Sanjay,@Startupriot, @lance, @keithmcgreggor, @melaniebrandt, @billcutts, @jbmcconnell, @smrosenberg, @pfreet and enjoyed a view from the cheap seats. 

3.  I have met new friends that have allowed me to connect with them in a more personal setting.  I have learned more information about topics I am interested in like Business Intelligence from Justin Honaman and Silverlight from Jeremy Likness. I use Twitter to go out and expand my net of contacts locally and worldwide and those who I feel I have a good connection I invite to Linkedin to me.

4. On the wall of my wrestling room in high school my coach used to put motivational posters and sayings. I remember one them said “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” .  I have found several new clients that have engaged me for their companies. I had a recent new client call me up after I found their blog and we started a dialogue. We Linkedin to each other and now follow through Twitter.  I am now working on 1 opportunity with them with a possibility of a 2nd.

5. I have been able to talk to many different people through my blog. The blog has allowed me to get out some of the things I have learned for the past several years in recruiting in the hopes my experiences can be of benefit to someone. It has also made me very aware that I wish I had taken a typing class my sophomore year of high school.

6. Facebook has allowed  me to connect to old classmates and friends far away and feel that there is still a twinge of friendship even though we haven’t spoken in years. Nothing better than seeing who is bald, who has kids and relive great memories through old picture of games and activities.


I have enjoyed my current foray into Social Media. I think I will continue working at it but if big sales and a huge corner office do not come because of my blog, or Twitter I am okay.

So I pose this question to you, how have you benefited from Social Media?

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