It’s in my DNA

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I guess I got the bug, maybe it’s part of my DNA or i was born to this end but i suppose i learned it from my father. I think he always wanted to have his own company. He owned a landscape and nursery company growing up and has done odd things through out the years to see about the possibility of striking out on his own.

So I have heard imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. My dad must be very flattered because I have embarked down the path of ownership and have more than once take the leap.  I have owned part of a landscape company, pest control company, an online e-commerce company to benefit non profit organizations. To help control which thought or impulse I think about I have a book that I use from time to time to write in when I have a thought, impression  and or gut feeling about a new potential business. I have  found  that writing my thoughts in the book help me see them differently and to be able to work out the kinks or feel confident they are safe to work, tinker on another day.

So through the years of recruiting I have always wanted to own my own recruiting company and now I have the chance. I have just a couple of thoughts. 

1. The job is tougher than I thought it would be

2. The job is more rewarding that I thought it would be.

3. I am working on the assumption it will all be worth it.

So over the next few weeks I will am going to put words to paper (or WordPress) as way to get out of some of my thoughts as a person who is a small business owner/ entrepreneur as a way to digest what goes on around me.


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